My Yellow Notepad screen shot
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My Yellow Notepad is a native Windows application that replaces the classic yellow notepad and pen or pencil. Information is organized in outline format, in other words hierarchically, making it easy to enter, change, search and reorganize your thoughts. Click on the picture above to get a better look at what My Yellow Notepad looks like.

Try My Yellow Notepad for a month for free. If you like what you tried, buy a lifetime copy. Click on try/buy in the left column for details.

Use My Yellow Notepad, or Myn for short, as your desktop companion. Save and organize Internet research, to-do lists, notes from phone calls, shipper tracking numbers, random thoughts, bookmarks, hyperlinks, pictures ... and even recipes. Use Myn to outline articles and stories. Save product keys, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, and E-mail addresses too.

Messy Yellow Notepads

Myn offers several advantages over the classic yellow notepad.

Myn allows you to search for, and find, that obscure piece of information faster than you can get your most recent pile of yellow notepads from the bookcase.

Myn documents can be distributed with a standalone reader as a single file. Creating a standalone file is as easy as selecting 'Save as EXE' from the File menu.

One of Myn's more advanced features is cloning. Cloning is like copying and pasting a topic except whenever a clone is changed all existing clones also reflect the changes. See the video on cloning for more information.    Grass Valley, California, U.S.A.